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Why studying "International Business" in an intercultural Double Degree program?

The complexity of the business world is ever increasing. The extent of globalization becomes manifest in the annual growth in world trade volume as well as in the increasing relevance of multinational companies. As an exporting economy with an international focus, Germany benefits greatly from globalization as integration into the world economy creates jobs and prosperity. Since an increasing number of German companies advance their internationalization, there is a growing demand for professionally qualified and culturally competent executives who are willing and able to work in an international company and in a multicultural environment.

With the intercultural cooperative study program Business Studies - International Business binational (IB-bi), DHBW Mannheim meets the challenges of these developments. The program at DHBW Mannheim and Université Paris-Dauphine or Kozminski University Warsaw respectively qualifies its graduates for executive positions in companies and institutions with an international focus. Due to the distinctive features of this international study program, the students are quickly and intensively prepared for their future tasks:

  • They acquire profound expert knowledge of Business Administration (especially from an international perspective).
  • From an early stage, they are internationally deployable - as they are exposed to an international context throughout their studies due to shared training with other international students.
  • By directly experiencing and internalizing cultural diversity, the students develop high levels of intercultural and social skills.
  • Thanks to the language skills they acquire and practice throughout their studies (English, Spanish, French, Polish and German), they gain access to new language areas and new markets.

The academic studies at the involved universities are determined by a mutual agreement and a joint curriculum, which incorporate common intercultural peculiarities.



Fundings for the Double degree programs

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