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Employability of DHBW graduates


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Graduates with international experience in the German labor market

Study of IW Köln (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft) for DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Key Findings

  • The impact of internationalization on the economy and the workplace is growing
  • Cognitive and social competences are most important for employers
  • In a CV, work experience is more important than experience of studying abroad
  • Employers see studying abroad as a way to improve general as well as international competences
  • According to employers, mobile graduates perform better in general and are more qualified for international tasks
  • Employers prefer international sojourns that allow some work experience and facilitate social contacts in the host country  


Conclusions and implications for politics

International mobility can facilitate the transition into the labour market. Employers consider international sojourns as potentially enhancing not only international but also general competences. In their view mobile graduates generally perform better and are more likely to shoulder those international tasks which are significant for the company's success and which will become even more important in the future. International mobility thus enhances long-term employability. The National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation, a department within the DAAD, wants to encourage universities to ensure that international sojourns are of sufficient duration and to improve recognition of academic achievement abroad. Students need to be reassured that employers understand that studies involving an international sojourn may take longer. Furthermore, universities should help mobile students to better understand the positive impact of their sojourn on their competences. Employers should be encouraged to pay more attention to international experience during the recruitment process. Within their funding strategies state ministries should incentivise mobility-friendly designs of curricula, informational opportunities for students and recognition of studying abroad.  

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